Conditions of Use

A) Technical

  1. On the previous pages we describe our standard products. In addition, we offer custom products to your own specifications.
  2. In the data sheets of the speed control units, the indication ± means that both voltage potentials or both directions of rotation can be produced at the motor shaft. Depending on the set value, any output voltage can be achieved over the whole voltage range.
  3. Please make sure that the tachogenerator voltage at the amplifier's input has the correct polarity. In case of wrong wiring, the motor works irregularly at full torque and the adjustment potentiometer has no influence on the speed. In this case, you have to change the connections in order to achieve a correct functioning of the installation. Please check the wiring i.e. polarity before the initial operation with the load.
  4. The cables have to be screened. Neither input cables nor output cables may be separated from the amplifier during service.
  5. Unless indicated differently in our descriptions, the components are constructed in such a manner that they have to be mounted into protecting cases, racks etc. by an expert in order to comply with the safety regulations of the VDE (association of German electronic technicians). They may have voltages that are above the supply voltage. They must be protected against contact under all circumstances.
  6. The toroidal transformers supplied by us are designed for 80% of the drives performance.
  7. The ambient temperature is the temperature which is measured at a distance of 20mm from the amplifier with optimum convection.
  8. All our information covering the voltage of the mains refer to either 230V AC single-phase or 400V AC three-phase supply. In case only different voltages are available we will propose intermediate transformers or modified appliances upon demand.

B) Commercial / Judicial

  1. If delivery has been made before payment of the whole sum payable under the Contract, Plant delivered shall, to the extent permitted by the law of the country where the Plant is situated after delivery, remain the property of the Vendor until such payment has been effected. If such law does not permit the Vendor to retain the property in the Plant, the Vendor shall be entitled to the benefit of such other rights in respect thereof as such law permits him to retain. The Purchaser shall give the Vendor every assistance in taking any measures required to protect the Vendor's right of property or such other rights as aforesaid.Deliveries on account only against a written acceptance of our delivery and payment conditions.
  2. Our components can be configured to complete systems by our customers. However, we only guarantee for the functioning of the components. Our components are only meant for usage in industry or trade as they have to be installed by trained specialists.
  3. Repairs or eventually necessary improvements/repairs under guarantee are only effected in our works in Freiburg. The appliances in question have to be delivered to us cif., duty-paid. If the goods that are to be repaired are found to be faultless, we reserve the right to charge a flat rate of Euro 60,--. Services/visits of technicians in our customer's works which had been demanded explicitly have to be paid for. We reserve the right to authorize one of our partner companies to execute the services.
  4. If the credit enquiry about a customer which we receive before the delivery is unsatisfactory, we reserve the right to demand payment in advance or to withdraw from the contract. In case of delay we reserve the right to cancel all deliveries, no matter whether they are part of the same contract or not.
  5. Subject to modifications serving the technical progress without prior notice, errors excepted. The mentioned technical data are taken from the manufacturers' indications and they are only nominal values. We pass on this information to our customers but we cannot guarantee their correctness.
  6. We advise you to examine our manuals with regard to your application before planning your drive unit because they supply you with all the necessary technical information.
  7. Our appliances are supply parts meant for processing by industry, trade or other factories specialised in electronics. Please take note of our safety precautions which you find in our manuals.
  8. After the publication of this catalogue all previous information becomes invalid.

C) General

This documentation was created very conscientiously. No liability is assumed for possible errors or misleading descriptions. The information contained in this documentation is informative and in no way guarantees the characteristics of the product. The right is reserved to make technical changes according to technical progres.     


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