Cable Bend Test Machines

Product introduction:

In this equipment, the test sample is clamped in position and then flexed in a defined angle and at a defined speed. This is carried out tens of thousands of times in order to test the stability of the material. At the same time the test voltage is connected to the cable wires who are monitored for cable breaks by a special circuit. If the cable breaks, the system will shut down and the number of completed cycles is displayed on an integrated counter.

The system was realized using a digital servo drive and brushless motor with planetary gear, a Mini-SPS and a special current measuring circuit.

Technical Data:



1 x Mattke-Digital-Amplifier: MMC 24/6-10 BL
1 x Mini-SPS + customer-specific programming

Motor Unit:

small brushless motor: 3564K024BJ1155

Dimensions of the machine:

Width: 510mm
Height: 430mm
Depth: 400mm

Cable Bend Test Machine single-axis and three-axis

  • single-axis
  • three-axis
  • three-axis

Technical Data

Test Machine

Test Machine

Number of test stations



Bending cycle

180° (there and back)

180° (there and back)

Cycle duration

approx. 1s

approx. 1s

Measuring range of the counter

655.360.000 cycles

655.360.000 cycles

Supply voltage

230V ~ 50Hz

230V ~ 50Hz