Cable Test Machine for 4 cables

The unit determines continuously the mechanical capacity of electric cables.

The wires are put under stress by bending. The four wires are fitted in chains and one end of each cable is moved there and back on a traveling distance of 1,65 m.

During the test the realized cycles are counted.

The test parameters (traveling distance, acceleration and maximum speed) are adjustable.

Simple adjustments are made by touch screen.

In case of a cable break, the corresponding counter stops and the machine continues to operate in order to allow the test of the other test samples until their final break.

The machine only stops if cable breaks have occurred in all of the 4 cables (in between times the machine can be stopped in order to change a defective cable or to carry out other modifications) the cycles counted until then stay stored.

This machine can test 4 wires simultaneously!

  • Photo: Kabeltec
  • Photo: Kabeltec
  • Photo: Kabeltec

Technical Data:

Power supply

3 x 400 V, 50/60 Hz

Motor type
- nominal motor current
- nominal motor power
- nominal motor speed

7,88 A
approx. 3,5 kW
4.500 rpm

Reduction of the gear


Diameter of the gearwheel of the drive

86 mm

Nominal motor torque

7,5 Nm

Max. traverse distance

approx. 1,65 m

Max. speed

3,9 m/s


10 m/s²

Servo amplifier, digital operation

MDR 400/8-17

Touch screen, IDEC


SPS-Module, IDEC


Dimensions of the table housing
(B x D x H)

510 x 560 x 400 mm


Number of devices under test


Current through the devices under test

approx. 0,1 A DC

Period of a cycle

approx. 1,7 s

Number of cycles per minute

approx. 35

Measuring range of the counter

up to 655.369.999 cycles