brushless servo motors with integraded digital amplifier

  • Intelligenter Antrieb

"Zwuckel" origniates from the Baden dialect and means "dwarf".  However, our new one proves - thanks to its great charcteristics - that this doesn't has to be a handicap.

This small brushless servomotor with integrated digital positioning amplifier has a flange dimension of 60 mm and a length of 140 mm (without connectors).

The shaft of 9 mm allows a torque of 0,7 Nm and speed of 3000 rpm on the load.

Connection values: 48 Volt DC / 6 A (10 A peak)

Protection class: IP65

The integrated digital servo amplifier is equipped with 2 analogue and 2 digital inputs and RS232-interface, as well as CAN-Bus in series.

He is intelligent: Control of speed, torque or positioning, point-to-point or line control, integrated sequence control system are possible.

Being a decentral drive he is particularly embedded in multi-axis-applications, e.g. packing and textile machines, screw, turn and winding installations, handling systems.

The line is currently being expanded by furhter models and features.
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