Linear units series ECO 60, 80, 100

The ECO series comprises linear units of various sizes; this enables the designer and/or to select the most suitable system according to load and shuttling speed required. The ECO units, made of self-bearing extruded aluminium, are produced with two linear motion systems:

  • ECO...SP  with maintenance-free ball bearing guide fitted inside the extruded body;
  • ECO...CI  with four rollers with lancet arch external profile that slide on hardened steel bars inserted inside the extruded body. 

The ECO series use polyurethane transmission belts with steel inserts, AT pitch and parabolic profiles.

Technical data

ECO 60 SP1 ECO 60 SP2 ECO 60 CI ECO 80 SP1 ECO 80 SP2 ECO 80 CI ECO 100 SP1 ECO 100 SP2 ECO 100 CI
Edge length 60mm 80mm 100mm
Min. useful stroke length 100mm
Max. useful stroke length 3.700mm 6.000mm
Carriage length 135mm 225mm 225mm 150mm 300mm 300mm 200mm 400mm 400mm
Max. speed 4,0m/s 1,5m/s 5,0m/s 1,5m/s 5,0m/s 1,5m/s
Max. acceleration 50m/s² 1,5m/s² 50m/s² 1,5m/s² 50m/s² 1,5m/s²
Carriage weight 0,51kg 0,27kg 0,80kg 1,60kg 0,90kg 2,10kg 2,90kg 1,50kg 3,30kg
Zero travel weight 3,50kg 2,80kg 3,20kg 7,70kg 5,90kg 8,20kg 16,70kg 12,50kg 17,10kg
Weight for 100 mm useful stroke 0,45kg 0,68kg 0,80kg 0,65kg 1,30kg 1,10kg



  • High speed and acceleration
  • Low noise
  • Low wear
  • Low bending resistance
  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free
  • High load capacity


  • High positioning accuracy
  • High smoothness
  • Maintenance-free

Dimensional drawings available upon request.