General information

Linear Handling and Pick & Place Applications
6 - 128 N Continuous Force
24 - 512 N Peak force

ETT is a direct thrust linear motor actuator, ideally suited for all kind of linear handling and pick & place applications. In applications where high flexibility and positioning ability are required it is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to pneumatic cylinders in applications that demand greater flexibility control.

The ETT's linear motion is directly generated without the need for mechanical transmission elements like ball screws, toothed belts and gearboxes. The tubular motor has two main components; the rod (shaft) and the stator with integrated feedback (body). The shaft is made of a stainless steel tube with built in neodymium magnets, that thanks to their high performance, are able to deliver significant thrust values up to 512 N. The main body comprises the stator winding, the feedback electronics and high performance bearings. A major benefit of the ETT design is that long and/or heavy duty cycles are possible without additional cooling. The IP67 protection class allows the ETT tubular motor to be used even under harsh environmental conditions.