Flex test machine - high voltage and optical fibre cables

Flex test machine for ribbon cables and round copper cables with adjustable measuring unit as well as for optical fibre cables without measuring equipment.


The machine is suitable for a simultaneous test of up to:

4 ribbon cables, width up to 140 mm or
8 round cables, diameter up to 20 mm or
8 fibre glass cables, diameter up to 20 mm.

The maximum diameter of each test pulley is 250 mm.
Test process unit with a maximum traveling distance of up to 1600 mm.

The front plate of the control console contains 4 control sections, each consisting of the current display, the control button, the function display and a protection system. At 400 V AC, a current of 30 mA to 230 mA can be adjusted for each one of the 4 test sample. This allows to test 4 different types of cables simultaneously.

The following failure situations are communicated to the SPS in the process unit:
1. cable interruption
2. short-circuit between 2 cables
3. short-circuit to ground