KMISD 5.31xx


KMISD 5.31xx

The "Power KMISD" - now available with 230 V AC input. The product line of servo positioning amplifiers KMISD has been extended by one version! The new type KMISD 5.31xx is compatible with amplifier type MDRM 48/10 and equipped with 230 V AC connection. The field bus connections of MDRM 48/10 FB as well as the RS232 connection are integrated in the new KMISD 5.31xx. The parameterisation of MDRM 230/2-6 FB is done with the parameterisation software MDRM ServoCommander™.

The performance characteristics of the servo positioning amplifier KMISD 5.31xx:

  • Mountable on different motor types
  • Evaluation of different feedbacks hall sensors 
  • Analog hall sensors

    • Resolver
    • Single-, multiturn absolute encoder with HIPERFACE
    • Digital incremental encoder with hall sensors 
    • Six-step hall sensors
    • Several field bus options 

  • CANopen (standard)

    • PROFIBUS (optional)
    • EtherCAT (optional)

  • Torque, speed or position control 
  • Point-to-point positioning and speed drive 
  • Integrated sequence control
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Integrated CAN-Bus
  • Output for one 24 V holding brake
  • Connectors for RS 232 and field bus connection