Flex Test Machine

The Flex Test Machine determines the flexibility of any type of cable (electrical and fibre optic).

  • The capacity of the cables to be inspected is tested by flexion.
  • During the test process the cables are subject to an external measurement procedure.
  • If a failure occurs, the system records the time and position without stopping the machine. (This option can be altered according to the requirements).
  • On completion of the test cycle, a test log listing all failures occured can be exported. 
  • The failure log in the display can register up to 100 events at a time, up to 50,000 events can be stored internally. 
  • All adjustments are carried out using the touch screen in the control panel. 
  • The system was realized utilizing a digital servo drive, a brushless servo motor with planetary gearbox, as well as an industrial PC with customer-specific software. 

This machine can test 6 cables simultaneously! 

Technical Data:



max. cable test length

2.000 mm

max. speed

2.000 mm/sec

max. acceleration / deceleration

4.000 mm/sec2

Internal failure storage

up to 50,000 events

Failure display on the table of the touchscreen (can be modified)

100 events

Supply voltage

230 V~ 50 Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.440 x 620 x 1.700 mm

Assembling made of

aluminium / steel

Construction composed of

Assembling, digital servo drive, brushless servo motor, control panel with touchscreen and OFF-switch

Standard pulleys

240 mm

Optional pulleys

cable: 2,5 mm / Diameter: 50 mm
cable: 3,5 mm / Diameter: 70 mm
cable: 4,0 mm / Diameter: 80 mm
cable: 5,0 mm / Diameter:100mm
cable: 6,0 mm / Diameter:120mm
cable: 8,0 mm / Diameter:160mm
cable: 10,0 mm / Diameter:200mm
cable: 20,0 mm / Diameter:400mm

The system is open - other diameters and configurations can be carried out in the basic construction.

The software can be expanded upon demand of the customer.