Mattke Product Overview

Our strength is our customer's benefit: "electronics and mechanics out of one Hand". We offer all components of servo technology - partially out of our own production, partially out of the product ranges of our partners. We create system solutions independently of the producer and neutrally - designed to meet our customer's requirements. We are your extended workbench and custom tailoring if you are dealing with important projects. We are specialised in the field of servo technology for more than 55 years. Thanks to that and to our ramified partnership network your servo automation tasks are solved optimally.

Our departments for electronics-engineering, software and mechanics work creatively and efficiently and find solutions even for nonstandard problems.

Mattke offers one of the most extensive product ranges in the field of electronic servo technology: Brushless and conventional servo motors, ironless linear motors, linear units with tooth-belts, rising spindle drive, lift cylinders, analogue and p.w.m. servo amplifiers, positioning controls, various gears and all kind of accessories from A to Z.

Please find hereafter detailed descriptions and technical data for our products.