Linear units series SC 65 (100), 130, 160

The SC series has been designed for use mainly as vertical axis, taking advantage of the fact that the drive is mounted directly on the carriage (eliminating movement of the cables) and with the extruded body as only mobile part.

The integrated mounting plate enables a quick and easy mounting on the linear units series ROBOT for the realisation of multi-axes systems.

Technical data

SC 65 SC 130 SC 160
Edge length 65 x 65mm 70 x 130mm 90 x 160mm
Min. useful stroke length 100mm
Max. useful stroke length 1.500mm 2.000mm 2.500mm
Carriage length 340mm 400mm 525mm
Max. speed 5,0m/s
Max. acceleration 50m/s²
Carriage weight 6,5kg 13,5kg 24,0kg
Zero travel weight 10,5kg 23,0kg 42,0kg
Weight for 100 mm useful stroke 0,7kg 1,4kg 2,4kg


  • High speed and acceleration
  • Low noise
  • Low wear
  • Low bending resistance
  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free
  • High load capacity
  • High admissible torque charge

Dimensional drawings available upon request.