Digital 4-Q Amplifier for brushless motors with resolver

  • Digital Servo Amplifier MDR 2102 / 2105

MDR 2102, MDR 2105

The MDR 2000 series is an intelligent AC Servo inverter with integrated Positioning control. The single-phase devices MDR 2102 and MDR 2105 are suitable for synchronous and linear motors of up to 1.0kW rated power.

  • Substantial parameterization possibilities and extension options for flexible use
  • Universal encoder interface, adjustment of the encoder via Software
  • Integrated active PFC stage (Power Factor Control) to fulfill standards of the limitation of mains harmonics, achieving additional up to 30% higher rotational speed
  • Integrated CAN-Bus Interface, other field bus options available, for example Profibus
  • 2 technology slots for field bus modules and additional digital I/O

In addition to point-to-point positioning, speed and angle synchronization with electronic gear, the implemented CANopen protocol DSP402 allows the realization of contouring controls with linear interpolation as well as time-synchronized multi-axis applications.
The MDR 2300 can convey sequences over the integrated course program of up to 256 position sets without an external PLC.
With the active PFC stage it is possible to use a wide voltage range, Alternatively, motors with higher torque constants at identical power ratings can also be used.
With the menu-driven Configuration Tool Mattke "ServoCommander™" and the automatic motor identification, the MDR 2300 quickly and comfortably adapts to your requirements.


  • short cycle times for the current, speed and position control by using a high speed 23-bit RISC processor
  • operating as speed and position controller with take over of CNC functions
  • Master-Slave operation with electronic gear
  • high speed input for sequential applications
  • reduced need of space by compact structural shape and integrated intermediate voltage
  • optimal use of the machine capacity by rotor oriented current regulation and sinusoidal current form
  • interconnection of the speed drives by CAN-bus, Profibus (optional) and/or a central CNC unit

Technical data

MDR 2102

MDR 2105

Supply voltage

1 x 100...230V AC; ±10%

Alternative DC-power supply

60...380V DC

Control voltage

24V DC; ±20% / 0.55A

24V DC; ±20% / 0.65A

DC bus connection

360...380V DC due to active PFC

Clock frequency

Variable clock frequency up to 13kHz

Rated current IR



Peak current IMax up to 5 seconds



Rated Power PR (at 230V AC)



Peak power PMax up to 5 seconds



Brake resistor

internal 165Ohm / 10W
external >= 100Ohm, <= 250W

internal 110Ohm / 20W
external >= 80Ohm, <= 500W


24V DC, maximum 1A

Dimensions in mm (w x h x d)

200 x 54.5 x 200

225 x 54.5 x 200

Operating temperature

0°C to +40°C, to 50°C with power decrease 2.5% /K

Degree of protection be enclosure


Encoder evalution

Universal encoder interface for motors with:
resolver, incremental encoder, Stegmann SinCos encoder (single-/ multiturn) with Hiperface, high resolution Heidenhain encoder as well as multiturn absolute encoder with EnDat interface


Standard: RS 232, (RS 485), CAN-Bus (CANopen as per DSP 402)
optional: PROFIBUS-DP, digital I/O-extension EA88


10 x digital In (24V, electrically isolated)
3 x analog In (±10V, 1 x 16Bit, 2 x 10Bit)


4 x digital out (24V, electrically isolated)
2 x analog out (±10V, 9Bit)


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Inputs and outputs
3 set value inputs for speed / current -10V to +10V
10 general logic inputs with galvanic isolation, 12V to 30V, High active
4 general logic outputs with galvanic isolation, 24V / 100mA
1 output for brake with galvanic isolation, 24V / 500mA
2 analogue monitoring ±10V - display of various parameters (9-Bit)
8 general monitoring Complete monitoring of the final stage and motor
3 status displays Ready for operate, fault, status signal
CAN-interface ISO / DIS 11898 with galvanic isolation, according to DS301, DSP402
Terminal-interface RS-232, 9,600Bit/s
Resolver connection
Output voltage/frequency of the sinus generator 7Veff, 100mA / 10kHz
Input voltage of the Sin- and Cos-signals 3.5Veff
Incremental encoder inputs / -outputs RS422
Number of lines / resolution Adjustable
Signals A, B, /A, /B, /N - pulses, according to RS422-specification
Maximum input frequency 500kHz
Inclusive (all on CD) Servo Commander, parametering program, product manual, manual first installation
Options Profi bus, power supply for 24V DC supply, cable motor and resolver, set of 7 connectors, control panel for MDR 2000