Digital amplifier 4-Q for brushless motors with resolver

  • Digital Servo Amplifier MDR

MDR 230/5-10 MDR 230/10-20 MDR 400/2,5-7 MDR 400/5-11 MDR 400/8-17

Replaced by series MDR 2000, available only as spare part


  • Short cycle times for the controller of the current, speed and positioning by using a high-speed 32 Bit-RISC-processor;
  • Suitable as controller of the speed and positioning with transfer of CNC-functions;
  • Operation master-slave with electronic gears;
  • High speed input for applications with sequential interruption;
  • Little space required by compact design and integrated intermediate circuit;
  • optimal using of the machine through rotor-oriented current regulation and sine formed current impression;
  • Network of different speed drive units by CAN-bus (optional) and/or supervising control unit;
  • Dimensions (without mating connector): W 70mm, H 200mm, D 210mm (W 90mm, H 200mm, D 210mm at MDR 400/8-17)

Technical data:

MDR 230/5-10

MDR 230/10-20

MDR 400/2.5-7

MDR 400/5-11

MDR 400/8-17

Distribution voltage:

230V AC or
310V DC
24V DC (0.5A)

3 x 230V AC or
310V DC
24V DC (0.5A)

3 x 400V AC or
560V DC
24V DC (0.5A)

3 x 400V AC or
560V DC
24V DC (0.5A)

3 x 400V AC or
560V DC
24V DC (0.5A)

Service output in case of DC supply:






Service output in case of AC supply:






Nominal current / peak current (per phase):

5Aeff / 10Aeff

10Aeff / 20Aeff

2.5Aeff / 7Aeff

5Aeff / 11Aeff

8Aeff / 17Aeff

Pulse current of the ballast circuit / reaction point:

1.3kW / 375V

4.0kW / 375V

3.2kW / 750V

3.2kW / 750V

3.2kW / 750V

Range of ambient temperature:

0°C to 45°C

Resolver resolution:

16 Bit

Error recognition of the resolver:

interruption of a cable or short circuit

Article Code:






Inputs and outputs:  
2 set-value inputs for resolution/current: +10 V to -10 V
10 logic general inputs: galvanic isolation, 12V to 30V, active high
4 logic general outputs: galvanic isolation, 24V / 100mA
1 output for brake: galvanic isolation, 24V / 500mA
2 analog monitor outputs: ±10V display of different set value
8 monitoring installations: Complete monitoring of the power stage an motor
3 status indications: Ready for operation, error message, status message
CAN-interface: ISO/DIS 11898 galvanic isolation
Terminal-interface: RS-232, 9,600Bit/s
Resolver connection:
Output voltage sine generator / frequency: 7Veff 100mA / 10kHz
Input voltage of the sine and cosine signals: 3.5Veff
Incremental input and output transmitter:   RS 422
Resolution: 12Bit
Signals: A, B, 0
Maximum input frequency: 500kHz
including: Pos. / synch. module, parametric program and manual and manual first start on CD-ROM
Options: technology module CAN-BUS, Profibus DP, power supply for 24V, set of cables for motor / resolver, set of connectors (7 pieces)

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